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Benefits of Dry Brushing: The Secret to Smooth Skin

What is Dry Brushing? Dry brushing is all the rage now, but contrary to what you may think it’s actually very, very old! It’s an ancient technique that the West is only now just starting to appreciate again. The general idea behind dry body brushing is that it exfoliates the skin by brushing away dead cells, thus leading to a smoother complexion. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks Japanese and more used this technique, not only for its beauty benefits, but for medical purposes as well. The Benefits of Dry brushing Superior Exfoliation:  Usually, when one thinks of exfoliating they think of a warm bath and some kind of scrub being generously rubbed all over your legs - but that isn’t actually...

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Vetiver in Fragrance – Naturally Mysterious

A staple in the fragrance industry for its earthy scent, vetiver has been used for centuries for everything from cooling window coverings to treating health conditions. Vetiver is a tropical plant that’s grown around the globe. Referred to as khus in its native India, vetiver is a tall grass from the Poaceae family – the same family as lemongrass and citronella. Tall is putting it mildly… the leaves of this grassy plant can reach nearly ten feet tall. But the real gold lies in vetiver’s abundant, fragrant roots which grow straight down reaching lengths of 6 ½ to more than 16 feet! Vetiver’s Multidimensional Uses Vetiver is a versatile plant that has served many capacities throughout history. Many of these...

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