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Vetiver in Fragrance – Naturally Mysterious

A staple in the fragrance industry for its earthy scent, vetiver has been used for centuries for everything from cooling window coverings to treating health conditions. Vetiver is a tropical plant that’s grown around the globe. Referred to as khus in its native India, vetiver is a tall grass from the Poaceae family – the same family as lemongrass and citronella. Tall is putting it mildly… the leaves of this grassy plant can reach nearly ten feet tall. But the real gold lies in vetiver’s abundant, fragrant roots which grow straight down reaching lengths of 6 ½ to more than 16 feet! Vetiver’s Multidimensional Uses Vetiver is a versatile plant that has served many capacities throughout history. Many of these...

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How to Choose a Perfume That Fits Your Style | Provision Scents

You might begin your “Scent Journey” with a simple thought. “I want to smell nice” or “I want it to invigorate my senses”. This is a good place to start, but today’s fragrance market is saturated with all kinds of options that can make it a daunting task to even know where to begin in choosing a perfume that suits you. As a professional perfumer, Sherri Sebastian, the founder of Provision Scents,  knows the struggle on the consumer's side - but she also knows the industry inside and out and can say what is worth looking for - and what isn’t. Here are some tried and true methods to learn how to begin your scent journey and find your individual...

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What the Clean Beauty Movement is (and Isn’t)

The term “clean beauty” is a fairly recent marketing term that’s been making waves in the beauty community, but the concept is not so new. It’s a term which further expands upon the “natural” and “organic” trend that has overtaken beauty aisles all over the world. But what is clean beauty? Is there even a clear cut definition? And who came up with it? Let’s start from the beginning: What is Clean Beauty? Clean beauty at its core is the formulation of cosmetics and skincare products without harmful ingredients. It’s not organic - organic implies that everything that is listed on the product label is a naturally occurring substance and has been created using environmentally ethical means. Organic is its...

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