Each Provision product contains botanical essences with grounding, meditative, and protective properties. Whether used alone or combined, the products were designed to complement one another and work with each user’s unique body chemistry. Provision’s carefully crafted formulas were designed with that Belize journey in mind: shifting the focus from the practical to the pleasurable. The ultimate in beauty and self-care for your body and mind.
Fragrance has played an important part in my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve always used it to enhance my experiences whether doing laundry, taking a bath, or spending time with friends. This appreciation of fragrance led to my dream career as a professional perfumer.  I’ve spent the last two decades crafting scents for many brands. I’m thrilled to now offer my own.
I believe it only takes a moment to enhance your daily journey with scent. I wanted to create a line that offers natural, attainable luxury. Elegant bases with sustainable, natural ingredients that deliver exactly what you need, layered with fragrances you’ll want to experience again and again.  I truly love my work, especially when it helps connect us to ourselves. If my products inspire you to take a moment for yourself each day, my dreams will be realized.

Where it all started

Where it began? The need for sleep. Where it went from there? The desire to dream. 

Before there was Provision, there was Dream Extract.

On a beach in Belize, desperate for a good night’s sleep, Sherri visited a local healer who suggested clary sage oil and promised colorful dreams. Amazed at how well is worked, she returned from that journey with a new approach to beauty and self-care.

Little did she know that this subtle shift in perspective—away from the worries of insomnia to the wonder and pleasure of dreaming—would eventually lead to an entire line of natural products for luxurious self-care. Sherri spent over a year creating Dream Extract, a fantasy scent based on that same clary sage.

Her work didn’t stop there. On a quest to combine nature and luxury, and fueled by her commitment to natural and sustainable ingredients infused with thoughtful and precise scents, that discovery in Belize inspired Sherri to create Provision.