At Provision, we turn ordinary products into the extraordinary. 

Free from the noise of meaningless marketing lingo, our products are created with exceptional formulas using only the highest quality ingredients. The result is everyday luxuries that work precisely as intended with just the right scent.

The Provision line is created with minimalistic luxury in mind. By eliminating the chaos of clutter, we leave room to take in the calm of simplicity and the beauty of scent. 

The Numbers Collection from our heritage brand, brings together classic elegance, sensual favorites, and contemporary floral scents into a line of fragrances with a loyal following.

Where it Began

Our founder,  Sherri Sebastian, has been professionally formulating fragrances since 1996.
Long before her decades-long career as a professional "nose", Sherri began evaluating fragrances as a child growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As young as age 10,  she was aware of the distinct differences between the fragrances in her soap, deodorant, shampoo, lotions, and perfumes. She began to instinctively choose products whose scents complemented one another. By the time she was a teenager she was meticulously coordinating her product line-up with her outfits, activities, and desired mood.      

As a young perfumer working in New York City, she became passionate about the artistry of fragrance composition and the ingredients that comprise them. She apprenticed with master perfumers for years before herself creating fragrances for many perfumes on the market today.  

Sherri’s passions for precious ingredients, craftsmanship, and fragrance composition led her to create our heritage brand, Sebastian Signs. A fragrant marriage of creative inspiration and experience, Sebastian Signs and Provision reside together at