Face & Lips

Carefully formulated skin and lip products make natural face care an attainable luxury

Our hand-crafted face and lip formulas combine nourishing and effective ingredients with the high end fragrance of natural essences, plant derived, for the perfect combination of nature and luxury.

How we view the world. How we view ourselves. Our reflection in the mirror each day. Our expression and smile. Our face and lips are precious to us. Touching them is a different sensation than touching our hands or legs. We give them more attention and care, and have higher hopes for the results of the products we use. Provision’s face and lip products were formulated with this in mind.
Beyond the basics of moisture and protection, beyond these sensual scents, each touch is part of a daily ritual that quenches your skin and quiets your mind.

Explore our natural luxe skincare offerings

Our exclusive Triple A Complex is a blend of three of the best oils in just the right proportions for exceptional results with the exact texture and scent you want when you treat your face.
Scented with creamy Indian sandalwood, sustainably farmed in Australia, and vanilla absolute.

Lips and cuticles, even décolletage, left smooth and supple by Connection’s organic avocado and golden rose wax, while the aroma of opulent orange flower softens the senses. Perfectly unisex with the right texture, finish, and scent.