Luxury Home Scents

Dream Extract home fragrance. This is our first one.
This one is forever. Our hero. The best.

We know something that smells good changes the way you feel. We know it can do so much more. It can make you dream. And not just when you’re asleep. Dream Extract started in bed.
It became so much more. We love it. And we’re going to let you love it too.

Perfumer Sherri Sebastian was having what she calls an Eat Pray Love moment in Belize. Much like that book's author, Elizabeth Gilbert, she met a healer in paradise who told her to put clary sage oil on her pillow at night if she wanted colorful, vivid dreams.

Using fragrance to shift one's perspective was on her mind when she created her new line, Provision, which includes Dream Extract, a room spray built around fresh, herbaceous clary sage.

-Town & Country Magazine