Provision’s travel size perfume, toiletries, and beauty products are perfectly planned for luxury on the go

Complete your travel kit with Provision

Tired of looking for the right size bag? Wondering if you’ll have to check liquid quantities at the last minute? Let Provision do the travel packing for you. We offer resealable padded bags with all travel orders.  Perfectly protected and just the right size for gym bag, purse, or luggage. Whether you’re heading to the airport or freshening up at the office. Wherever your travels take you, Provision’s got you covered.


Manifest Mini-Luxe Body Oil
Enjoy luxury on the go with our travel sized Manifest. This sensual oil softens skin and locks in moisture with a subtle yet rich fragrance. Manifest complements other scent profiles and, because moisturized skin retains scent better, helps other fragrances perform optimally. Regular use keeps skin soft and supple.
Our exclusive Triple A Complex blends together precious amla, avocado, and almond oils in precise ratios to keep skin soft, supple, and glowing. Shea butter extract is a superior skin conditioner, readily absorbed for a silky skin feel. The warm scent of labdanum essence, grounding and meditative, lingers softly on your skin while nuances of natural vanilla absolute provide comfort and tranquility.
Whether on the go or as part of a deeper treatment regimen, Manifest has you covered from crown to toes.


Connection Mini Lip Balm
Our luxury balm is now available in a vintage mini lip tin for a touch of luxury on the go.
For lips, cuticles, décolletage, and use as a solid perfume. Alone, under, or on top of other products. Perfectly unisex with the right texture, finish, and scent.
Shea butter moisturizes. Organic avocado oil and vitamin E condition. Prized rose wax softens and protects while orange flower absolute lends an opulent scent.
More than a lip balm. More than the sum of its parts. Connection is the skin, lip, and scent treatment you’ll want to experience every day.