Provision’s luxury perfumes were each designed with a feeling in mind

Self love. Inner peace. The quiet strength of feeling grounded yet expansive. Provision’s California-inspired line of luxury eau de parfums was designed with these in mind.

Our high end fragrances were born of careful experimentation to be unique to each person who uses them. Months of formulation. Combining ingredients chosen for their sustainability and opulence. Observing the results. Layering notes like orange flower that appear sheer, then methodically weaving amber into the composition. Going too far. Pulling back. Reaching an optimal balance.

We’re proud of that level of craft and care, that independent spirit.  It informs everything we do.  We’re proud of our luxury eau de parfums rooted in American craftsmanship that can stand up to French traditions and stand out from the crowd. Fresh, sophisticated scents designed to adapt to your body's unique chemistry providing you with a fragrance like no other on the market.

We know we’re onto something and we want to share it with you.