What’s in a Rose? The Benefits of Rose Wax in a Luxury Lip Balm


Among the most valuable raw ingredients in the perfume industry is the delicate and fragrant rose. Sensual and mild, the scent of a rose has been revered for thousands of years.

Grown and harvested at their peak of fragrance from one particular place in the world… and only once a year… the Bulgarian rose, Rosa damascena, is the most highly prized rose of them all. Its ideal growing conditions produce the perfect rose for perfumery.

But the Bulgarian rose is more than just a sweet-smelling perfume ingredient. For hundreds of years, the rose’s components have been used in beauty and skincare routines. The soft, fragrant roses are broken down into parts to yield several different skincare ingredients.

Rose is one of the more expensive ingredients used in skincare and perfume. It takes one hectare (almost 2.5 acres) of land to produce about 1kg of rose oil (less than a third of a gallon). Now remember that there is only one harvest a year and you will begin to see why it is so precious.

Rose Offerings

When they are harvested for commercial use, roses are processed and broken down into multiple component products. Among them are rose oil, rose water, and rose wax.

Rose water

Rose water is collected by steam distillation of the petals. Some of the benefits of rose water for skin use are that it both hydrates and controls oil, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces irritation and dermatitis. [1]

Rose oil

Rose oil, while it boasts many of the same skin benefits as rose water, is used for aromatherapy. Like rose water, the concentrated essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the aromatic, oil-based components of rose petals. It is said to reduce stress and is purported to be an aphrodisiac.

Rose absolute

Although similar to rose oil in aromatic composition, rose absolute is obtained through a solvent extraction process as opposed to steam distillation. The result is a rich concentrated oil that’s most commonly used in perfumery.

Rose wax

You may be wondering… what is rose wax anyway? If you’ve ever held a rose petal between your fingertips and felt the smooth velvety texture, then you’ve already experienced this delightful ingredient in its truest form. Rose wax is a creamy, waxy substance extracted from the petals of the rose.

Benefits of Rose Wax for Skincare

Just like it protects the delicate flower petals, rose wax protects delicate skin from the elements and free radicals.[2]

The deliciously fragrant wax is absorbed into the skin, soothing, softening, and moisturizing dry skin. Like rose water, the wax is said to reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.[3]

Rose Wax Lip Balm

The lips are an extension of the skin… the delicate space through which the power of our words flow. We use our lips to form a whisper… to connect through the strength of words. Sometimes we say nothing at all, sealing our lips. These moments can be just as powerful. And we use them to make that ultimate connection of a kiss.

When you consider the importance of this sensual feature, it makes perfect sense to care for our lips with the utmost care and respect. As such an important feature of our human bodies, we must protect and care for our lips. A moisturizing lip balm is ideal for rejuvenating and guarding these precious and unique treasures.

Rose wax, with its elegant, gentle fragrance and silky texture, is perfect for our luxurious, natural lip balm. With moisturizing shea butter, organic avocado oil, and vitamin E, Connection Lip Rescue is the ultimate moisturizing, high end lip balm. It has the silky feel of a rose petal to caress and nurture your precious lips.

Connection Lip Rescue Pro Tips from Our Founder

While Connection is perfect for lips, it’s also perfect for other parts, too. Here are four ways our founder recommends making the most of your Connection:

  • As a lip treatment – apply at night before bed or any time your lips need some extra hydration. In cold winter months, apply before going out into the elements for protection.
  • As a deep cuticle treatment – apply to the cuticles (fingers and toes) each night. Cuticles that have been treated with Connection are visibly less dry. I use it on my own cuticles… they need less maintenance (like cuticle removal).
  • As a nightly décolletage treatment. I’ve seen noticeable results when using this at night—a reduction in wrinkles and a more supple skin appearance.
  • As a solid perfume. This all-natural product is scented with orange flower absolute. This essence is used in many fine fragrances and is especially known for its use in the traditional “eau de colognes” from the south of France. You can use Connection as a unisex on-the-go scent that’s subtle and refreshing.

You can learn more about Connection Lip Rescue here. A travel size Connection is available here or in our Mini Luxe Dream Set.


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