Benefits of Dry Brushing: The Secret to Smooth Skin

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is all the rage now, but contrary to what you may think it’s actually very, very old! It’s an ancient technique that the West is only now just starting to appreciate again. The general idea behind dry body brushing is that it exfoliates the skin by brushing away dead cells, thus leading to a smoother complexion. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks Japanese and more used this technique, not only for its beauty benefits, but for medical purposes as well.

The Benefits of Dry brushing

  1. Superior Exfoliation: 
    1. Usually, when one thinks of exfoliating they think of a warm bath and some kind of scrub being generously rubbed all over your legs - but that isn’t actually the most effective way to shed dead skin cells.
    2. Water actually causes your skin to plump up, much like a sponge and makes it more difficult to target what you’re trying to exfoliate. By dry brushing, you’re directly targeting those dead skin cells as they lay on your skin, thus achieving a smoother end result (and way smoother skin).
  2. Less Product:
    1. You use less product when you do ‘manual exfoliation’ vs. using an exfoliant product. (think of scrubs, chemical exfoliant masks, etc…).
    2. You typically have to use a good amount of product to scrub your skin, but a dry brush only requires something hydrating on your skin once you’ve finished.
  3. Sustainability: 
    1. By having to use less product, dry brushing becomes more sustainable - you can get years of use from a brush instead of consuming multiple products which use more “stuff”, like packaging/raw materials and natural resources. Provision Scents is all about simplifying your beauty routine, and dry brushing is one of the many ways you can remove unnecessary products from your medicine cabinet! 
  4. Self Care:
    1. Dry brushing is a labor of love for your body. It’s a nurturing process and involves connecting with your body and your mind during the repetitive and meditative process. 
  5. Increase Blood Circulation:
    1. The manual act of dry brushing can help increase circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. 

How do you Dry Brush?

  1. Choose a brush:
    1. Natural fibers and bristles are best for your brush. You should also take into consideration your skin type. If you have sensitive skin or large areas of broken skin, using a very gentle exfoliating method is best. 
  2. Brushing method:
    1. Right before bathing on completely dry skin, start exfoliating using circular motions, always brushing towards the heart to encourage circulation
  3.  After brushing, you can put on your favorite moisturizing oil over the exfoliated areas so the moisture can penetrate your skin during a hot shower.  
  4. Pat yourself dry and you’re done!

How to Start a Dry Brushing Beauty Routine 

Having the right tools at your disposal is key to beginning a skin-nourishing dry brushing routine. We recommend a natural fiber brush or a loofah.

Follow-up the dry brushing with our sensual Manifest Body Oil for a luxurious bath time ritual. 

Manifest features our Triple-A Complex, a synergistic and proprietary blend of three natural oils.

Avocado is emollient and excels at conditioning at the surface of the skin, while almond oil penetrates to provide lasting suppleness. Amla oil, an extract of the Indian Gooseberry,  is the superstar of the three due to its high concentration of vitamin C and tannins, and it’s what makes your skin glow and feel extra smooth.  

There’s also a unique shea butter extract which gives it the perfect texture and skin feel without being too oily or too light.  

Want to learn more about the Benefits of Amla Oil in Skincare? Read about it on the Provision Scents blog here.