Maitri Eau de Parfum
Maitri Eau de Parfum
Maitri Eau de Parfum
Maitri Eau de Parfum

Maitri Eau de Parfum

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Eau de Parfum spray
1.5 fl. oz/45 mL

Sanskrit for self-love, Maitri brings a bit of mystery, adapting to your unique body chemistry.

Italian mandarin invites you in, citrus notes bright and playful alongside ginger absolute extracted to keep its full aromatic profile intact. Then it’s all about the vetiver, and not just any grade: organic from Madagascar, softer and more wearable than traditional grades adapting more naturally to the skin. Layered with hints of warm musk and amber, wrap yourself with Maitri for the ultimate in self-expression.


Alcohol Denat., Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance), Linalool, d-Limonene


Organic, Eco-Certified Madagascan Vetiver, Ginger Absolute, Mandarin Musk Accord, Oakmoss, and Italian Bergamot


“The vetiver reminds me of my Aunti who lives in Indonesia”

  - Alex Carson World Touring Professional Dancer

“MAITRI reminds me of day trips to Malibu and laying out in the sun at Calvin’s Cove on Zuma Beach! Love the earthy tones in this one, and there’s a note of something in this one that I ADORE but can’t quite place. It’s a little mystery! I love it. MAITRI may be my favorite of the bunch, though it’s a very hard choice. It’s unlike any other scent I know of!" 

Bebe Wood, Actress and producer

"Maitri opens with a sparkly bergamot to provide a nod to the never-ending sunny days of LA. Then the vetiver Ms. Sebastian has sourced is a spectacular transparent version. The final piece of Maitri is what Ms. Sebastian describes as a “Mandarin musk accord” which appears as an opaque botanical musk.”

  - Mark Behnke, Founder and Editor