Dead Sea Bath Salt: An Ancient Treasure from the Middle East

What is the Dead Sea?

Located at about 1,390 feet below sea level on the border of Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea (technically a lake) is the lowest point on Earth. Rich in mineral salts and with a salt concentration approximately 10 times that of the nearby Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea water contains more than 15 minerals including magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, and bromide.

As compared to ocean water, only a relatively small percentage of the salt in Dead Sea water consists of sodium chloride, the type of salt we use in food. And with the heavy concentration of minerals, Dead Sea salt is not something you want to sprinkle on your popcorn.

The Dead Sea’s heavy mineral content makes it barren of all plant and animal life aside from a few microorganisms. Its name stems from this visible lack of life. Despite its name, the lake’s mineral-rich water is known as a source of healing and wellness.

Renowned for its ability to keep bodies afloat thanks to the water’s high density, the salt lake has attracted visitors seeking its healing properties since ancient times. Cleopatra herself is said to have visited to bathe in the Dead Sea’s healing, restorative water.

Benefits of Soaking in a Dead Sea Salt Bath

Although a visit to the Dead Sea itself would be phenomenal, incorporating the whole salt water, mud, sun, and floating experience, you can enjoy some of the benefits of soaking in its water in the comfort and convenience of your own bathtub.

The Dead Sea’s high mineral content makes it a powerhouse for skin wellness. Through the millennia, Dead Sea salt has been used to relieve skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and swelling and redness.

Salt harvested from the Dead Sea is rich in naturally occurring magnesium and other minerals. Those naturally occurring minerals are thought to be the reason for its salt’s therapeutic properties.

A soak in a Dead Sea salt bath is not only soothing, but it promotes muscle relaxation easing the aches of sore, tired muscles. It stimulates blood circulation and rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin, helping to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and calm irritation and redness.

A study of people with dry skin even showed that soaking in a Dead Sea salt bath improved hydration and reduced skin roughness and inflammation.[i] This effect is primarily due to the high magnesium content.

Favorite Dead Sea Salt Products

Despite all the healing benefits of Dead Sea salt, we like it for another reason. It feels amazing, inside and out. Bathing with Dead Sea salts relaxes and restores us – body, mind, and soul.

When mixed with a favorite fragrance, a Dead Sea salt bath is like a mini-spa retreat, delighting the senses, restoring the skin, and nourishing the spirit.

Our founder’s favorite salt bath scent is from our heritage brand, Sebastian Signs’ numbers collection – No. 17. A sensual blend of vanilla, dark chocolate, Indian sandalwood, musk, and incense, No. 17 was the first fragrance in the line. Due to its individual notes and masterfully crafted formulation,  No. 17 has garnered a loyal and devoted following.

The other scents from the numbers collection – No. 35 and No. 44 – are also available as Dead Sea bath salts and are team favorites here at Provision.

For best results, soak for 25-30 minutes then rinse and enjoy silky, rejuvenated skin.


[i] Proksch E, Nissen HP, Bremgartner M, Urquhart C. Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and reduces inflammation in atopic dry skin. Int J Dermatol. 2005 Feb;44(2):151-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-4632.2005.02079.x. PMID: 15689218.