Beyond the black-out curtains

We all know how important sleep is to health and well being, but what about dreaming?

Beyond the black-out curtains, beyond the need for deep sleep, Provision’s approach to bedtime was inspired by the desire to dream.

Over a decade ago, I was having an “Eat Pray Love” moment in Belize, seeking stillness, clarity,  and a good nights sleep when I met a healer who told me to put clary sage on my pillow to inspire vivid dreams.

I tried it and what happened next was a complete paradigm shift in my approach to sleep and my entire approach to scent.

After many nights of my new nightly “pillow ritual” I didn’t necessarily notice that my actual dreams had changed, but I did notice that my focus shifted from sleeping to dreaming and away from the worries of the day.

This “aha moment” inspired a life-changing shift in perspective, not only in regard to my daily rituals, but also with my relationship with fragrances. I began carrying the oil with me throughout the day, embracing the power of scent to shift our perspectives in an instant. 

As a professionally trained perfumer I instinctually began to formulate a scent around my experience with clary sage—the ingredient— as the main note.

I sourced organic and sustainable clary sage along with my favorite luxurious fantasy notes, crafting a scent that would instantly create the most sensual and appealing atmosphere, day or night.

When I creating Dream Extract my goal was to help people shift their perspective and enhance their atmosphere with scent.  It started with this room and pillow spray and has become so much more. 

Each of my products was formulated with a high level of consideration, not only for quality, texture, efficacy, and the perfect scent (of course!) but to provide the ultimate experience as you move throughout the day. 

You can try it for yourself here with our convenient sample size of Dream Extract