SWEET DREAMS Summer Exclusive (Full Bottle)
SWEET DREAMS Summer Exclusive (Full Bottle)
SWEET DREAMS Summer Exclusive (Full Bottle)

SWEET DREAMS Summer Exclusive (Full Bottle)

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  • Dream Extract Room & Linen Spray Full Bottle (3.4 fl. oz/ 100mL) (1 bottle)
  • Restorative Sleep Meditation (1 digital meditation delivered via email)

Are you craving more nights of deep, restorative sleep? Do you long to wake up feeling rested, energized and refreshed? Are you feeling called to dive deeper into your dream state and experience colorful, lucid dreams more frequently?

Welcome sweet dreamer! You are in the right place and we've got you covered.

Our Sweet Dreams exclusive collaboration with Ashley Fontaine of The Greatest Escape featuring our best selling Dream Extract room & linen spray and Ashley's highly praised Restorative Sleep Meditation is rewriting bedtime stories across the country.

Sweet dreams and clean, restful sleep are only a click away with this powerful combination of intentionally selected aromatic ingredients and gamma wave energy healing.

Mindfully made in the USA.

Your meditation will be automatically delivered to you via email once you place your order.

Shipping is flat fee of $4.00 to USA.

This dream-inspiring mist features:

French Clary Sage Eco-certified, (EU organic standard) sustainably sourced. A sensual and rich herbaceous scent.

Italian Bergamot An elegant citrus with a delicate and fresh impression.

Hints of Sheer Woods, Clean Amber & Musk for a scent that’s sophisticated, refreshing, and sensual-- at once.

Full Ingredients List

Dream Extract Mist sheets and/or pillowcases before going to sleep. Mist surrounding air throughout your day to evoke your dream atmosphere. Renewable and sustainable, eco-certified clary sage has a refreshingly sensual scent.

Not for use on upholstered fabrics. Only for use on washable items.

Restorative Sleep Meditation Listen to the meditation before bed (or at any point during the day when you feel called to meditate) as often as you like for deep restorative sleep and lucid dreams.