SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab
SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab
SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab
SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab
SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab
SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab
SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab
SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab

SWEET DREAMS Exclusive Collab

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  • Dream Extract Room & Linen Spray Trial Size (.34 fl. oz/ 10mL) (1 bottle)
  • Gamma Sleep Meditations (2 digital meditations delivered via email)

Are you craving more nights of deep, restorative sleep? Do you long to wake up feeling rested, energized and refreshed? Are you feeling called to dive deeper into your dream state and experience colorful, lucid dreams more frequently?

Welcome sweet dreamer! You are in the right place and we've got you covered.

Our Sweet Dreams exclusive collaboration with Ashley Fontaine of The Greatest Escape featuring our best selling Dream Extract room & linen spray and Ashley's highly praised Gamma Sleep Meditations is rewriting bedtime stories across the country.

Sweet dreams and clean, restful sleep are only a click away with this powerful combination of intentionally selected aromatic ingredients and gamma wave energy healing.

Mindfully made in the USA.



“Last night was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in a LONG time. The most calming & cozy smell I’ve ever smelled. I LOVE this spray so much!”

-  Jessie, celebrity hair stylist and new Mom

"I love spritzing my pillows and sheets with Dream Extract (it's soooo good)."

- Megan, fashion blogger

"Sweet (smelling) dreams! It has quickly become part of my bedtime ritual."

- Daniel, NJ

"Delicious Scent, I LOVE spraying this on my pillow."

- Melissa, Miami FL

"I really love Dream Extract as part of my nighttime ritual. It’s a beautiful invitation into a restful world, connecting with your dreams."

- Leona, Los Angeles CA

"Sweet dreams never smelled so good!"

- Ashley, Los Angeles CA



"Woke up feeling so refreshed...one of the best night's sleep I've had in ages!"

- Angelina, Seattle WA

"I feel more rested than I ever have! Definitely powerful restorative sleep magic in this meditation. And 1-2 lucid dreams so far!"

- Jennifer, Stockton CA

"I love the meditation! Especially the protection that came with it. I'm implementing this into my nightly routine."

- Katie, Newport Beach CA


"I absolutely love this meditation! I've been experiencing deep rest and slumber...my body was very much needing this. Thank you so much!"

- Andrea, Asheville NC 

This dream-inspiring mist features:

French Clary Sage Eco-certified, (EU organic standard) sustainably sourced. A sensual and rich herbaceous scent.

Italian Bergamot An elegant citrus with a delicate and fresh impression.

Hints of Sheer Woods, Clean Amber & Musk for a scent that’s sophisticated, refreshing, and sensual-- at once.

Full Ingredients List

What is gamma wave energy healing?

From Ashley Fontaine, Energy Alchemist & Founder of The Greatest Escape:

"Our typical awake state is a beta state of consciousness.

When you are meditating, you are aiming to reach a theta state of consciousness. This is the state where subconscious reprogramming, hypnosis and reparenting can happen.

In theta state, you start to re-train your awareness to think and perceive beyond our 5 senses and 3-dimensional reality.

Gamma state of consciousness is the ultimate state of "superconsciousness". In this state, you are having transcendental, mystical, alchemical experiences.

My guided meditations are channeled from the Akashic Records in the Quantum Field in the vibration of the highest divine feminine frequency. They are encoded with this frequency and they are infused with the vibration of Reiki universal healing energy.

So, during my guided meditations, you are receiving these high frequencies into your electromagnetic field/aura and you will be reaching a gamma state of consciousness in addition to a theta state.

This means that your vibrational frequency will be raising while you are experiencing my guided meditations.

The more often you tap into gamma states of consciousness and raise your vibrational frequency, the stronger your ability to activate and strengthen your intuitive gifts and extrasensory perception.

Additionally, the more you tap into gamma, the stronger your ability to receive and experience instant cellular/subconscious healing, past-life healing, ancestral healing, soul-karma/contract healing and instant manifestation."


What is energy alchemy?

From Ashley Fontaine, Energy Alchemist & Founder of The Greatest Escape:

"As an Energy Alchemist, I am an Akashic Records channel, Reiki Master and Quantum Field Energy Healer who empowers people to be their own healer, intuitive and guru. By teaching you how to access high frequency healing energies for yourself, I guide you on a journey of accelerated transformation, in which your current state of being rises to a higher state; one that is aligned with your highest purpose and greatest fulfillment in this lifetime."


How does gamma wave energy healing help facilitate restorative sleep and lucid dreams?

From Ashley Fontaine, Energy Alchemist & Founder of The Greatest Escape:

"Deep, restorative sleep and dreaming is our birth right as human beings. It is only due to imbalances in our energy centers and electromagnetic fields caused by chronic stress and dis-ease that we find ourselves in perpetual states of insomnia, restless sleep and exhaustion. 

We are metaphysical beings made up of energy. Everything on our planet is simply energy that is vibrating and oscillating at different frequencies. What we perceive with our 5 senses to be our 'body' is only the densest layer of our entire body. Our energy body surrounds our physical body. Did you know that our energy body/aura/electromagnetic field can be up to 6ft long? This is why we are able to sense something about someone or get a 'vibe' about someone on the other side of the room before we actually speak to them. We are picking up on their energy field with our energy field.

My Gamma Sleep Meditations are infused with metaphysical healing energies and universal codes that alleviate our metaphysical bodies of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy blocks and guides our subconscious towards deep, rejuvenating sleep and lucid dream states."


What inspired the creation of Dream Extract?

From Sherri Sebastian, Perfumer & Founder of Provision:

"I struggled with a difficult case of insomnia for years with no relief and no ideas of how to overcome this issue with my health.

Then while on a trip in the jungle of Central America, I met a healer who handed me a fragrant oil to place on my pillow before bed, promising it would invite colorful dreams.

At first I was skeptical because I hadn’t slept solidly in years, let alone dreamed.

But the meeting felt kismet and with nothing to lose and everything to gain, I gave it a shot… and was pleasantly surprised.

Not only did I sleep, I had colorful dreams that night.

I was amazed and a new obsession was born.

This new obsession for a rested body and mind through fragrance led me to create Dream Extract.

I deeply desired to share this special gift with others who might be looking for better sleep and and the possibility of vivid dreams."

Dream Extract Mist sheets and/or pillowcases before going to sleep. Mist surrounding air throughout your day to evoke your dream atmosphere. Renewable and sustainable, eco-certified clary sage has a refreshingly sensual scent.

Not for use on upholstered fabrics. Only for use on washable items.

Gamma Sleep Meditations Listen to these meditations before bed (or at any point during the day when you feel called to meditate) as often as you like for deep restorative sleep and lucid dreams.