Little Sweetie Gift Set

Little Sweetie Gift Set

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Three of our most sensual products, infused with precious notes that intermingle with your own natural body chemistry to become... exclusively you.


Set includes: 

Sebastian Signs No. 17 perfume oil - A fragrance so sensual it has its own fan club. Our heritage brand, Sebastian Signs No. 17 features sustainably-sourced pure Australian Sandalwood, vanilla, dark chocolate, and musk. This “skin scent” mixes with your unique body chemistry, creating a customized effect for each person. 

Sebastian Signs No. 17 Goat's Milk Soap - lather up and indulge with creamy, moisturizing goat’s milk infused with our heritage brand's signature No. 17 fragrance, featuring sustainably-sourced sandalwood. Free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. (4oz)

Resonance Eau de Parfum - Warm. Resinous. Raw. Sink into the sensual embrace of Resonance and find peace in your personal fortress. This scent is all about Labdanum absolute, just the way we like it. Coming on strong then evolving, softening into the soundtrack of your day or night. Fortified with vanilla absolute, amber, and sheer woods, notes that deepen on your skin. Cork absolute adds resilience, evoking the Spanish tree bark from which it is derived. Taken altogether, Resonance adapts to the experience you desire: Sensual. Nuanced. Not too sweet. Soft yet strong.  (.07 fl. oz/2 mL)

Made in the USA according to the Provision Golden Egg Standard of excellence.