American Dream Gift Set
American Dream Gift Set

American Dream Gift Set

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Our idea of the perfect American Dream Set is a combination of Heritage line with the most beloved essentials from our self-care line up. Included in this set:

Dream Extract Room & Linen Spray - This essential oil-infused dream spray features French Clary sage, eco-certified, organic, and sustainable. We layered in luxurious Italian bergamot, sheer woods, and hints of amber for a scent that’s refreshing and sensual at the same time. Invigorating to go up, calming to come down, inviting dreams day or night. Trial size (10mL)

Sebastian Signs No. 17 Goat's Milk Soap - lather up and indulge with creamy, moisturizing goat’s milk infused with our heritage brand's signature No. 17 fragrance, featuring sustainably-sourced sandalwood. Free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. (4oz)

Manifest Body OilThis sensual oil softens skin and locks in moisture with a subtle yet rich fragrance. Manifest complements other scent profiles and, because moisturized skin retains scent better, helps other fragrances perform optimally. Regular use keeps skin soft and supple. Sample size (5mL)

Sebastian Signs No. 17 perfume oil--This oil has been a favorite for many years and the ingredients explain it all. This fragrance oil features pure Australian Sandalwood, along with other notes known for their sensual aroma; vanilla, musk, dark chocolate, and musk.

This “skin scent” mixes with your unique body chemistry, creating a customized effect for each person. (2mL)