Our Spring/Summer 2019 Dream Campaign is underway!

Noa | Fresh wildflowers, blue skies, and effortless beauty set the tone for the day. 

What's different about this "lip balm"? Rose wax. We use it pure and raw in our treatment balm to offer a next-level experience for lips, cuticles, and décolleté. Pro tip: keep by your bed as part of a most sensual bedtime ritual. 

We choose style over fashion with clean lines, the right fit, and a pop of color along with the ever-so-important fragrance selection.

More than a morning and night routine, our Align Ultimate Face Oil offers you the chance to reflect on yourself for a minute or two each day. Are your actions aligned with your intentions? Also, creamy and sustainable sandalwood is the only scent we'd want this close to our face. 

SELF LOVE Why is this a trend now, instead of just being the norm? We're not sure, but we know that Maitri (Sanskrit for self-love) is the perfect way to feel like your best self with organic eco-certified Madagascan vetiver.

We asked ourselves what a dream bedtime ritual would look like and are confident we've got it figured out:

1) Mist the air above your pillows with Dream Extract.
2) Generously apply Connection to lips, cuticles and décolleté.
3) Apply a light layer of Align to face, neck and hands.
4) Think happy thoughts and wait for your dreams to arrive.

A dip in the pool anyone? All are welcome. 

If we could choose to relax anywhere, it would be poolside with our favorite atmospheric enhancer, Dream Extract Room & Linen Spray, and a good book in hand. 

Why do we focus more on our face care routine than our body care routine? We're not sure but we're out to change that. We believe that the right, essential products will give your body the attention it's been craving. 

Our Spring/Summer 2019 Dream Campaign took place on a perfect winter day in Palm Springs, CA with a group of talented and passionate Angelinos. With the utmost thanks and gratitude to the team who made this possible, we are pleased to offer you a chance to dream with us.

Top - left to right: Bennett Barbakow, Rob Amjarv, Tyler Rumph, Noa Athena, Mitchell Mykhavlov
Bottom - left to right: Louise Moon, Sherri Sebastian, Isabella Behravan, Corey Granet